Pennsylvania Southern Railroad


Due to a lack of listenership, the live  netcasts of the Pennsylvania Southern and Grafton and Greenbrier have been discontinued. In their place we have begun recording and archiving the radio traffic. The links below take you to edited versions of the sessions with the gaps of dead air deleted.  These recordings last 30 to 45 minutes and are about 5 MB or so to download.  Click on the link to listen or right click then select “Save Link As” to download. The files are in MP3 format and can be used on portable MP3 players such as an iPod.

Archived recordings

Pennsylvania Southern

Grafton & Greenbrier

Jerry Doyle has uncovered a G&G session from November, 1994 that he recorded with a voice activated tape recorder with its microphone propped up in front of a scanning radio. The file is about 8 MB and runs a bit over an hour.  You will even get to hear bits of prototype railroad activity that the scanner caught.  This is really great listening!

Here is a link to the Pennsylvania Southern string diagram schedule.  The PSRR employee timetable is bit more complicated. For printing, there are two files, Cover and Inside Pages.  Both are PDF documents that, when printed, allow the pages to be folded into the booklet format.  Unfortunately, this is not a very easy document to read on the screen.  A more screen readable scanned version of the printed document is also available but it is about 10 MB.

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