Washington is the site of a second classification yard.  This yard may not look large but it has nearly the same classification capacity as Pittsburgh.  The yard’s major role is to serve as a relief to Pittsburgh.  Basically, any car that does not have to go through Pittsburgh and that can be handled at Washington is handled at Washington. For example, through trains drop blocks here that do not have to go through Pittsburgh.  All locals originate or terminate in Washington.  One group of locals run between Washington and Pittsburgh, the other group are turns that run from Washington to Waynesburg and back.  Locals to and from the Wheeling Branch also go in and out of Washington.  During a typical session Washington will process about 120 cars.  Some of these cars will have to go to Pittsburgh. They are handled in through trains, locals, or extras as circumstances dictate.

Washington contains a modest engine terminal.  It can hold up to 8 engines and 4 cabooses. There is also room for a couple of company service diesel fuel or sand cars. Washington also has some industry. There is a coal dealer, a grocery warehouse, a cement dealer, and a team track.  Washington also has a long passing siding although this siding also serves as the yard lead. For dispatching purposes, the main line through this yard is controlled by the yardmaster between yard limits on either end of town.

WSH 4 2007090902

This is an overall view of Washington and the yard.  There are six classification tracks and they all extend to the end of the cliff on the hillside to their right. The engine terminal is fairly busy right now as well.

WSH 1 2007090902

Here we see the industrial sector in Washington. Giant Eagle is a grocery store chain in western Pennsylvania and we seem to think they have a distribution facility here.  The structure is an old Sudyham kit. At the far end is Tyler Cement, a Walthers Medusa Cement kit.  Crowded in between is O. L. King and Son Coal, another Walthers kit.

Pennsylvania Southern Railroad


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