Pennsylvania Southern Railroad


Waynesburg is the southern most of the modeled towns on the railroad.  There is a passing siding at Waynesburg but it is not quite as long as the ones at Bridgeville and Washington.  The prudent dispatcher always puts southbound trains into the siding.  If it is too long, it can ease into the curve and onto the industrial trackage. 

There are three industries plus a long team track at Waynesburg. The largest industry is Consol No. 10, a coal mine.  The structure is Walthers New River mine kit. This mine loads cars destined to the power plant in Pittsburgh. Typically, a mine run comes from Pittsburgh to swap empties for loads. The loaded train then heads north.  Another industry is Arrow Refurbishing, a place that cleans and maintains tank cars and covered hoppers used in the chemical industry.  I got lazy here and just used decals that came wtih the Walthers Allied Rail Rebuilder kit. None of the crew members have fussed about it so thatís the way it will stay.  Commercial Propane, another Walthers industry, gets up to three carloads of propane each session.  Over along the main line, adjacent to the passing siding, is the team track.

Waynesburg, along with Baker and West Union, is served by a Waynesburg Turn that originates at the yard in Washington. As the name suggests, that train turns and heads back to Washington at Waynesburg. 



WBG 5 2007090902

This photo shows the main line on the right, the passing siding in the middle, and the team track to the left.  The main line passes into the tunnel and the throat of the State Line Yard staging area.  The siding ends in a wye switch that connects to the main line on the right and an industrial track to the left.

WBG 2 2007090902

The industrial track branches from the passing siding on the right side of this shot.  Commercial Propane is reached via a switchback.

WBG 1 2007090902

With the corner of Commercial Propaneís office in the lower right corner, we turn to look at Consol and Arrow Refurbishing.  In the background through the doorway is Pittsburgh.

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